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For this Q & A I asked Australian Filmmaker David Black to give us his answers to the 6 questions from Season 4 of Coffee break. David is a machine, producing and making films at a torrid pace. He is also a pillar of strength and support for the Australian Film Community, running several get together screenings of all artists and their works, and fostering and administrating on several Online filmmaker communities. 
David started early by publishing three underground comics before he was 18. Gooby, Sartorial Titbits and St Kilda Funnies were photocopier produced and distributed to shops around Melbourne. Later, David did a cartoon strip called Punkz for Juke Magazine and was the Editorial Cartoonist for The Truth in 1989/1990 and even won an award in 1990 at the Coffs Harbour / Rotary National Cartoon Awards.
His biggest achievement in cartooning was the release of the comic book, Punkz In Space, that was distributed to news agencies nationally.
During the 1980’s, David sang and played bass in the Punk band, Thrush. By the 1990’s, he was singing and playing bass in the Gothic rock band, Darkness Visible, which is still going to this day. Darkness Visible has had songs on numerous compilation albums and has appeared in two ofMick Mercer’s Gothic Rock books – The Hex Files and Music To Die For. They have also released eight music videos and have another on the way.
David’s main love though, is acting. This is a more recent development but in the last year and a half, he has been on sets regularly. He has also produced and directed a segment for Shane Ryan’s Ted Bundy Had a Son as well as a short film called Dark Night of the Zomboogies, which debuted at the Warrandyte Film Feast.

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    Coming into discovering what you have a passion for as an Indie Artist, name 1 thing you found that you absolutely loved that you never thought you would about being an indie artist?
    Acting, believe it or not. I was originally a cartoonist and in the late 80’s/ early ’90s and made my living from it. Amongst the different cartoon jobs I did, I was also the editorial cartoonist for a national tabloid back then called The Truth. All during that time, I played bass in a band and struggled between deciding if I should keep playing music or concentrate purely on the cartooning. Of all the art forms I loved, I had never considered acting.
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    Offer 1 element of your story you think people should pay more attention to than they already do?
    There are subtleties in many of mine. People can’t help but see the outward shlockiness and the black humor, but in all of that, there are often deeper philosophical statements. I think that is vital otherwise it would just all be cheap crap that anyone could churn out.
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    Fortunate and luck come into play a lot in artist's lives but name 1 thing as an artist that you feel fortunate and luck have nothing to do with in terms of being successful.
    At this stage, fortune and luck haven’t come into it at all. I’ve really had to work hard and not everything comes through. I spend a lot of time chasing up opportunities and often, I either get no reply or I get a knockback. People are seeing a helluva lot of wins come my way, but the ratio is still probably 1 success out of a hundred tries.
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    Fearing failure or fearing success, fear is an artist's most prominent fights, give 1 way in which you fight off self doubt or prepare yourself for self stardom.
    I try to use logic. It doesn’t work often because there is no way of getting off the emotional roller coaster. Most actors come off of a shoot on a real high and then a few days later are hit by a major downer. I’ve only leveled that out this year because the good news is coming in daily. But it is an addiction. You end up needing more wins, and bigger and better ones. I do have some extremely high highs and then the worst of lows. The self-doubt comes in with the lows and is overpowering. I also fear that trying to level out will mean bringing less passion to the work, so it looks like I am stuck with it.
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    Everyone starts off a fan, some of us get lucky to meet or fulfill our fandoms. What has being a fan taught you or given you to think about how you might be when a fan approaches you?
    I had a pretty big name as a cartoonist so I met fans all the time. I should have put thought into it then but didn’t because things were happening so fast. As an actor, I haven’t had to deal with meeting any fans yet. The movies are taking off but it’s early days.
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