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The Fantasy Fiends are Dark Fantasy Authors Stevie Collier and Andy Peloquin .  Their chemistry is undeniable. Their format is very user friendly and very engaging. There show invites another Fantasy Author to engage on one specific theme or topic that relates to the Fantasy world. They talk popular culture, do readings, and promote all there is to promote in the fantasy genre. 

They do their show live every Tuesday at 5:30PM PST/8:30PM EST on their YouTube Channel. Then post the audio to theirpodbean channel. 

It's a formula for success and we sat them down to reflect on the past, present, and future of The Fantasy Fiends Podcast. 




  1. For anyone who hasn’t heard/seen your awesome podcast, how would you describe to them?
    (Andy): A well-structured, carefully thought out-- (Stevie, interrupting): Anything goes! We have an outline for the show but hardly ever use it (due to Stevie aka the Gnome’s awesome improv abilities). The show is also very smart and we ALWAYS have a unique and interesting topic for the week. (Andy, glaring): Intended to be a well-structured, carefully thought out show where we enjoy the best of fantasy. We get to talk with authors about their works, dive into the deeper themes driving the genre, and explore some of the things that make us authors tick. Plus we get to do live readings of the stories--my favorite part of the show.
  2. You are now 23 episodes into The Fantasy Fiends Podcast, what has been the biggest adjustment you have made from episode 1 to now?
    (Andy and Stevie in unison): Stevie’s beard. (Andy): And Stevie's topknot. The truth is that we've stayed pretty consistent with the show's format, as it was created around the live readings and the fascinating discussion topic. Though Stevie tends to go off on tangents in every show, we still get to delve into the things we both find so fascinating about fantasy.
  3. You started this show as acquaintances and it’s easy to see the developing friendship between you two, what have you learned from one another that maybe you never thought you would?
    (Stevie): I don’t know about Andy, but I have learned a ton! Andy has been sort of like a mentor to me and has really been a huge help in the publishing of my first novel. It was easy to become friends with Andy because he is such a kind, generous, smart, and honest person. He didn’t have to team up with me but took the chance anyway! What I hope to bring to the table is my business and marketing background, however, I do believe my quirky personality and improv also brings a lot of energy and fun to the show. (Andy): The podcast is actually Stevie's brainchild, and I'm just along for the ride. Anything that goes wrong, I get to blame him. I've learned A LOT about the business side of Stevie. Not only has he come up with some pretty interesting ideas that I've then stolen and made my own, but he's led me to amazing resources that have helped me go farther in my own career.
  4. Best advice you have for someone wanting to start a podcast that you wish someone had told you when you started?
    (Andy): Make it fun! People often tell me, "I can't watch an episode without laughing all the way through." That enjoyment and enthusiasm is what many people really connect with. (Stevie): JUST DO IT! You won’t get a lot of views or listens starting out but you will never get them if you never start. “You don’t have to be great to start. But you do have to start to be great.” - Les Brown. Creating a podcast, from the business side, makes you an authority figure in that niche.
  5. What technical challenges have you had and how did (if you did) overcome them?
    (Stevie): The only two technical issues I found was my inability to get google toolbox to work and Andy’s audio. (Andy): Thankfully, Google Hangouts/YouTube Live is pretty user-friendly. I still have to fiddle with my computer's settings every now and again to correct the audio problem, but for the most part we've had very few tech problems.
  6. How can a guest best prepare to be on your show? What coaching would you give them if you could?
    (Andy): Read the outline thoroughly and make sure to stick to it to the letter. (Stevie): Easy. Print out Andy’s show outline, hold it in your hand, tear it up and throw it away. Lol, just kidding. Read over the outline, listen or watch one or two episodes, relax and enjoy yourself! Our show is very laid back and can be seen as a group of friends having a fun and intelligent conversation about all things in the Fantasy genre. (Andy): Yes, basically prepare to have a lot of fun. Oh, and brush up on your accents/character voices!
  7. What’s the best tip you have had from a guest that you now apply to your own work?
    (Andy): I'm smarter than all of our guests. (laughing) I've gotten so many good tips--often about the marketing side of things. Joshua Robertson, in the after-show party, dropped some really epic wisdom on advertising and marketing that I will soon put into practice for my next release. (Stevie): Oh man, so many. I believe the best advice I ever got was from Andy, which I started hearing all over the place from other authors, and that was to stop being a baby and publish the damn book already! It was like ripping off a bandaid.
  8. What do you think has become a common theme or that you find the conversation direction trending most toward among those you have talked to, when it comes to writing/reading fantasy?
    (Stevie): I would say that anything goes for Fantasy. I had no idea that there was so much out there! From portal fantasy to super gory fantasy to dragon shapeshifters. Also, it seems there are an endless amount of themes that can be viewed through the eyes of the fantasy genre. (Andy): I've always been a fan of the darker side of fantasy, but I've found that a lot of people trend more toward epic and high fantasy. There is such a thing as "too dark" for many readers.
  9. Has either of you pitched something to the other to try, that has been shot down?
    (Stevie):I think this happens all the time. I usually spit out a lot of ideas at Andy and he brings me down to Earth. That’s what makes us so great. Like, for example, the other day I said we should make an online course. However, neither of us have time to do that being full time authors lol. (Andy): We always come up with wild and wacky ideas, most of which have no real practicality. Just more like wishful thinking.
  10. What’s the most unique thing about your co-host that makes this podcast work?
    (Stevie): Andy is smart. Like, super smart. His books read this way as well. Just pick up “Blade of the Destroyer” and you will find that each sentence is crafted in not only a beautiful manner but a clever one as well. (Andy): Stevie never runs out of things to talk about. LITERALLY! I think the only show where we had any kind of silence was when Stevie was sick, and his internet connection dropped out for a couple of minutes. The rest of the time, he's really the motormouth...I mean, powerhouse that keeps the show going.
  11. Has doing this podcast made you a better author?
    (Andy): It's definitely inspired some new story ideas, and it's made me look outside my current niche/circle of interests to find new ways to stretch myself as an author. (Stevie):Pshh, totally. I am not the author I was back in April. I quickly became an authority figure in Fantasy due to this podcast, and how could I not be? Every week I am able to study one great Fantasy author after the next! I’m not saying I’m the best author, far from it, but I am one who is learning constantly about the business side of it and the craft side as well.
  12. How will it makes those watching/listening a better author or bigger fan?
    (Stevie): A viewer will become a better author and a better fan of Fantasy by viewing or listening to our podcast. It is just going to happen that way. Reason being is that each of our episodes is filled with writing advice, popular themes in Fantasy, abstract themes in fantasy, and so much more. For example, Andy is the King of all things villain and anti-hero and our listeners/viewers can learn so much from him! Plus, it’s really just fascinating stuff! (Andy): I'd like to think our podcast does more than just entertains with the live readings and the book talk. I know that it's always fascinating for me when our guests suggest new topic ideas--I've learned so much about the irrational beliefs driving us, how to overcome fears, how to use real life to create fantasy, and more. It's thrilling to discuss or learn about something new.
  13. Where does The Fantasy Fiends go from here, what goals do you all have?
    (Stevie): With every venture I take (being a businessman) I always set a goal. NO MATTER WHAT. If you don’t have a goal then failure is imminent. Firstly, I set up my first goal which is 1000 subscribers. I tell myself “Once we get to 1000 subscribers then and only then will we be true podcasters.” However, once we are getting close to 1000 subscribers I will quickly change that goal to 5000. There will always be that carrot a few inches from my face. (Andy): I'd love to get some of the bigger name authors on the show: Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, Joe Abercrombie, and all the others I love reading. It would be fascinating to pick their brains about some of the deeper topics driving their creativity.

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