Welcome to your online network for everything Indie. We specialize in producing a video show line up that highlights, supports, and showcases Indie Artists and their art. Whether that be in books, films, music, and everything beyond and in between. We broadcast different shows across various social media platforms.

Here on our website you will find all the information about those shows, news we share on all our social media, and exclusive WEBSITE only guest blogs and Q & A's.  

We appreciate you checking us out and remember....    

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We have several avenues for you to get the word out about what you do. We have a couple packages available so you can maximize your exposure. 

Webpage LEADERBOARD AD 728 x 90

  $25 / top of page
1 spot available
  $15/bottom of page
1 spots available

We will put your leaderboard ad either at the very top of every page on our website or at the very bottom of every page. This is a 1 month placement and we only have 1 available space for this. 

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Webpage Side Ad 
skyscraper 120 x 600 or square 250 x 250​

  $25 / skyscraper
3 spots available
  $15/where space  is available in prominent text position
multiple spots available

We will put your skyscraper ad along the visable eye level at every page on our website. Square ads will be fit in but along with prominent text spots. This is a 1 month placement and we only have 1 available space for this. 

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product buy ad

  $2 /1 ad per product per month from any retailer

We will put your ad in an available space on a prominent  text spot. The ad can be no bigger than 250 x 250 and you are responsible for the content. Please note we are registered affiliate of most retailers and collect a small percentage not from you but the retailer for displaying the  ad and being the source of purchase.

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Run Video Ad on GoIndieNow Shows

$10 /Play Prerecorded Video 
$20 /Play 1 time on the 3 shows we produce

All videos need to be cleared for copyrights prior to submitting them to us. They can not be logner than 150 seconds in length (2 minutes, 30 seconds). Every video must actually be sent to us, no links allowed.  All videos must be made by the advertisee. This is for a  1 time run on 1 episode of the flagship show (but they will be there as long as the video is up).

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​​ Video Ad made by GoIndieNow​​

$50/create and run 1 time

We will create a Visual Ad that will run in between segments of The flagship Show "Time to GoIndieNow". A 60-90 second spot that will only run 1 time in 1 episode. After it runs the advertiser will be given a copy of the ad to use whereever they want and that includes resubmitting it to run in the next episode of GoIndieNow for $10 a run.

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$10  /Run 1 time
On Air Ad Per Show
$25/Run for 1 Month's Worth of Shows (3 episodes)

The Host will mention you/your product on air, have all your links in the description area, and run an pre made ad or read an ad copy that naturally flows into the show. 

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